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Defense Sector Program

Graphic of Planet Earth and a defense shield

To keep pace with the skilled workforce requirements for the Defense Sector throughout the Indiana Uplands (an 11-county region in southern Indiana including all 8 Choose Southern Indiana counties with 3 additional nearby counties), we're offering out-of-state defense industry workers $5,000 to relocate to one of our 11 communities.

Choose Southern Indiana is home to Naval Support Activity Crane, the third-largest naval installation in the world, with a current civilian and support contractor workforce totaling 6,000 jobs.

This number is expected to increase in the near future with the current construction and infrastructure expansion projects on base, as well as the recently announced $84 million development for a microelectronics campus, WestGate One, that will create a hub for semiconductor excellence to support the surrounding DoD needs.

Graphic of a construction plan
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WestGate Job Board

Purdue@WestGate's mission is to support the ever-growing tech park and to be your number one resource. Upon that, it works to promote the plethora of job opportunities not only in the tech park but also within the surrounding counties.

Search by job titles, location, or companies to find your next role!

Program Requirements*

  • Talent must fill a job in the defense sector

  • The position must be physically located in the region; remote jobs are not eligible

  • The position must pay at least $60,000 annually

  • May live in any Uplands community regardless of the location of the position

  • Must reside in the region for a minimum of two years

  • Must complete a residency affidavit on an annual basis for the two-year period

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​*A hiring manager, human resources manager, or similar title is who should be submitting this application. Please visit the job board above on this page if you would like assistance in finding a job that would qualify you for this program.

With 11 participating communities, we know it can be overwhelming to decide where to live. Below you'll find information and resources on each county to help you start making your decision.

Once you have explored and made your decision, our team is here as a resource to help you find housing. Submit this form and someone on our team will help you start the process!

Thank you! Someone from our team will be in touch shortly.

Eligible Communities

Southern Indiana Hoosiers have a way of coming together to make new residents feel right at home. Our close-knit rural communities provide peace of mind with low crime rates, locally-sized schools, attention to safety, and neighbors that become your family. Even more, you’ll experience four seasons with a mild winter, rolling hills, mature forests, and beautiful streams and lakes. Come discover what makes life so special in southern Indiana.

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