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Photo of Monroe County, Indiana

Monroe County

Monroe County offers a rich quality of life for young families, entrepreneurs, college students, and retirees. Visitors and residents enjoy numerous festivals, walking and cycling trails, and sophisticated cultural amenities.

Graphic of planet Earth and a defense shield

Defense Sector Program

Our Defense Sector Program offers out-of-state workers $5,000 to relocate to southern Indiana and work for a company in our defense industry. Purdue@WestGate's Job Board offers a list of open opportunities to apply for!

Once you accept a position in the Indiana Uplands Region, your employer must send a copy of the offer letter from the hiring company to verify the job offer, job title, and salary, which must be a minimum of $60,000.

Please contact our office at 812-277-9778 with any questions about this program!

Why Monroe County?

Population: 139,745

Cities and Towns: Bloomington, Ellettsville, Harrodsburg, Smithville, and Stinesville

Top Employer Industries: Higher education, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing

Map of Indiana and the surrounding states

Higher Education

Indiana University is the foundation of this community. The beloved, renowned Cream & Crimson school brings in over 40,000 students each year. The beauty of IU's campus is magical, often cited as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Photo of Indiana University

Outdoor Recreation

Monroe Lake is Indiana’s largest land-bound body of water. At nearly 11,000 surface-acres, this lake offers an abundance of space for recreation of all types — no matter the season, there's an activity for everyone to enjoy.

Photo of Monroe Lake

Outdoor Recreation

Switchyard Park is a 65 acre park located in Bloomington. The park is a culmination of decades of planning, as both city leaders and residents saw the potential of an abandoned railroad switchyard to become a destination park for people of all ages and abilities.

Photo of Switchyard Park


Indiana University draws people from all over the world, bringing incredible cultural diversity to our community. With more than 75 restaurants representing 18 different countries, you can travel the world with your taste buds and experience new dishes.

Photo of restaurant exterior
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