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CDL Driver Program

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If you currently have a CDL license and are looking for a new opportunity, this is the program for you! We're offering $5,000 to CDL drivers who relocate to one of our communities.

Interested in applying?

Our CDL Driver Program requires interested individuals to secure a job in one of our counties with a participating employer before they are eligible to receive the $5,000 moving incentive. 

If you are interested in finding a job in our region, please submit the form to be connected with a member of our team who can help you start this process!

I currently have a CDL license valid in another state.

Thanks for submitting!

Program Requirements*

  • Must currently reside outside the state of Indiana

  • Must be willing to move to Southern Indiana within 6 months

  • Must be willing to stay in Southern Indiana for at least two years

  • Must have a minimum salary of $50,000

​*A hiring manager, human resources manager, or similar title is who should be submitting this application. Please submit the form above on this page if you would like assistance in finding a job that would qualify you for this program.

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Transferring Your CDL License to Indiana

Indiana BMV will conduct a driver record search using the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) for all license holders transferring to Indiana from another state.

Visit these resources to learn more about transferring your license to Indiana.

Eligible Communities

Southern Indiana Hoosiers have a way of coming together to make new residents feel right at home.
Our close-knit rural communities provide peace of mind with low crime rates, locally-sized schools, attention to safety, and neighbors that become your family. Even more, you’ll experience four seasons with a mild winter, rolling hills, mature forests, and beautiful streams and lakes. Come discover what makes life so special in southern Indiana.

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