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Photo of Greene County, Indiana

Greene County

The independent spirit, love of the land, and humble hardworking nature that characterized the first settlers who established the thriving small towns nestled throughout Greene County’s sprawling countryside is still alive today.

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Employer Incentive Program

Our Employee Incentive Program requires interested individuals to secure a job in one of our counties with a participating employer before they are eligible to receive the $5,000 moving incentive. To get connected with someone on our team to help you, please fill out this form.

Once you have received a job offer, the employer must send a copy of the offer letter from the hiring company to verify the job offer, job title, and salary, which must be a minimum of $50,000.

After program approval, you will receive the $5,000.00 incentive, divided into two payments of $2,500.00:

  • The first payment will be disbursed once the prospective employee arrives in the Radius region.

  • The second payment will be disbursed one year from the date of your arrival.

Why Greene County?

Population: 31,006

Cities and Towns: Bloomfield, Jasonville, Linton, Lyons, Newberry, Solsberry, Switz City, & Worthington

Top Employer Industries: Agriculture, healthcare, and advanced manufacturing

Map of Indiana and the surrounding states

Outdoor Recreation

This 1400-acre property contains approximately 50 miles of “marked” off-road vehicle trails. From gentle slopes to technically difficult trails, Redbird delivers trails for all skill levels as they twist through the spoil piles left by early-era mining in the region.

Photo of ATV driving


Located in Solsberry, this general store has been owned by the Yoho family for generations. The store serves the community as a gas station, convenience store, and restaurant specializing in breaded tenderloins and hand-scooped ice cream.

Photo of Yoho General Store exterior


Greene County’s steel-girder railroad trestle is one the longest of this type of bridge in the world still in use today. Built in 1906, it stretches across the Richland Creek Valley making it the most memorable structure in one of the most scenic areas of the county.

Photo of Tulip Trestle

Outdoor Recreation

Goose Pond Fish & Wildlife Area in Greene County provides quality outdoor recreational opportunities on 9,098 acres of prairie and marsh habitat. About 12,000 wildlife watchers visit each year, and the property records about 3,500 annual hunting efforts.

Photo of Goose Pond
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