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Photo of Dubois County, Indiana

Dubois County

Dubois County offers genuine communities and successful careers. Residents give their time, talents, and resources generously to create clean neighborhoods, successful businesses, and thriving downtowns.

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Employer Incentive Program

Our Employee Incentive Program requires interested individuals to secure a job in one of our counties with a participating employer before they are eligible to receive the $5,000 moving incentive. To get connected with someone on our team to help you, please fill out this form.

Once you have received a job offer, the employer must send a copy of the offer letter from the hiring company to verify the job offer, job title, and salary, which must be a minimum of $50,000.

After program approval, you will receive the $5,000.00 incentive, divided into two payments of $2,500.00:

  • The first payment will be disbursed once the prospective employee arrives in the Radius region.

  • The second payment will be disbursed one year from the date of your arrival.

Why Dubois County?

Population: 43,632

Cities and Towns: Birdseye, Ferdinand, Holland, Huntingburg, and Jasper

Top Employer Industries: Woodworking and furniture-making, advanced manufacturing, and logistics

Map of Indiana and the surroundings states

Outdoor Recreation

The Parklands of Jasper is a 75 acre urban renewal endeavor which turned a private golf course and the surrounding area into Indiana’s Natural Destination. It features two miles of walking trails including a multi-purpose path, a splash pad, and so much more!

Drone photo of the Parklands of Jasper


A locally owned ice cream shop, Zax Creamery is known for their homemade ice cream, espresso bar, pastries and now breakfast sandwiches!  

Photo of glass case at ice cream shop


The Dubois County Bombers are a summer collegiate baseball team in Huntingburg. Their stadium? League Stadium, originally built in 1894, played home to the Rockford Peaches in the 1992 hit movie, A League of Their Own!

Photo of the Dubois County Bombers mascot


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Huntingburg’s Historic Fourth Street has been lovingly restored to a charming Victorian downtown, housing more than two dozen locally owned antique and specialty shops and unique eateries.

Photo of 4th Street in Huntingburg
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