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Looking for a fresh start in a rural setting? Ready to move back to your roots? Our program is here to help you do just that.


Must currently reside outside the state of Indiana

Must be willing to move to Southern Indiana within 6 months

Must be willing to stay in Southern Indiana for at least two years

Must be a fully remote worker

Must have a minimum household income of $50,000

how it works

  1. Complete a grant application and receive approval

  2.  Relocate to Southern Indiana

  3. Receive the $5,000.00 incentive which shall be divided into two payments of $2,500.00.                 The first payment being disbursed once the prospective applicant arrives in the region.                                                    The second payment being disbursed one year from the date of prospective applicant's arrival. 

  4.  Maintain residency in Southern Indiana for a minimum of two years

In addition to the $5,000 moving incentive, approved applicants will be eligible to choose up to two gifts!



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